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Executive Producer: David E. Allen
Produced by: Jennifer Blair, Tom Hodges
Directed by
Tom Hodges
Written by Scott Murphy
Cast: David Gianopoulos, Michael Chiklis
Synopsis: A hit man takes another to the desert to dig his own grave.
FYI: Considered for an Academy Award
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Produced by: David E. Allen, Christopher Figg, Tom Reeve.
Writer/Director - Neil Marshall
Cast: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Leslie Simpson, Chris Robeson, Thomas Lockyer, Darren Morfitt, Liam Cunningham, Emma Cleasby
Synopsis: A British Squad is sent on a training mission in the Highlands of Scotland against Special Operations squad. Ignoring the childish "campfire" stories heard about the area, they continue with their mission and come across the bloody remains of the Special Ops Squad, and a fierce howling is pitching the night sky... With two mortally wounded men, they make an escape, running into a zoologist by the name of Megan - who knows exactly what hunts them. What began as what they thought was a training mission turns into a battle for their lives against the most unlikely enemies they would have expected - werewolves.
FYI:   The film has received substantial theatrical commitments throughout the world. Leading the way with a May 10, 2002 release was Pathe Distribution in the UK with plans to open the film on more than 350 screens. Additionally, the film has theatrical commitments from France's
M6, Japan's Xanadeux Co Ltd., Spain's to Media, and Hong Kong's International Film Distributors.
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KIDNAPPED: Restored Version (2002)
Executive Producer (restored version): David E. Allen, Harmon Kaslow
Produced by Lamberto Bava, Alfredo Leone, Roberto Loyola
Directed by Mario Bava
Written by Cesare Frugoni, Alessandro Parenzo
Cast: Riccardo Cucciolla, Lea Lander, Maurice Poli
Synopsis: A gang of thieves hijack a man's car after botching their getaway from a robbery. They take a woman prisoner and command the man to drive them to safety. The man must try to cope with the bad situation he is in as well as trying to get help for a sick child that he is caring for.
FYI: After sitting for 20 years in a bank vault in Rome, producers Alfredo Leone and David E. Allen saved the movie from obscurity by restoring it to director Mario Bava’s original vision.
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Executive Producers: David E. Allen, Jan Fantl, Peter Hoffman, Frank Hübner, Julian Rémillard,
Directed by
Bob Rafelson
Producers: Barry M. Berg, David Braun, Peter Hoffman, Herb Nanas, Sam Perlmutter, André Rouleau, Maxime Rémillard
Short Story written by: Dashiell Hammett
Screenplay written by: Christopher Canaan, Steve Barancik
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich, Stellan Skarsgard, Doug Hutchison, Grace Zabriskie, Joss Ackland
Synopsis: A police detective (Jack) who, while doing a friend a favor and searching for a runaway teenager on Turk Street, stumbles upon a bizarre band of criminals about to pull off a bank robbery. Jack (Samuel L. Jackson) finds himself being held hostage while the criminals decide what to do with him, and the leader's beautiful girlfriend, Erin (Milla Jovovich), is left alone to watch Jack. Erin, who we discover is a master manipulator of the men in the gang, reveals another side to Jack - a melancholy romantic who could have been a classical pianist. She finds Jack's captivity an irresistible turn-on and he can't figure out if she's for real, or manipulating him, too. Before the gang returns, Jack and Erin's connection intensifies and who ends up with the money is anyone's guess.
FYI: Based on the short story “The House on Turk Street” by Dashiell Hammett. 
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STANDER (2003)
Executive Producers: David E. Allen, Izidore Codron, Hillard Elkins, Jan Fantl, Susan Hoffman,
Directed by Bronwen Hughes
Written by Ken Friendman, Bima Stagg
Produced by: Peter Hoffman, Frank Hübner, Martin Katz, Chris Roland, Julia Verdin
Cast: Thomas Jane, Deborah Unger, Dexter Fletcher, Lee McCall, David Patrick O’Hara, Marius Weyers
Synopsis: A white cop in the late ‘70s – early ‘80s in Johannesburg, South Africa. becomes increasingly discontented with the way the police force operates. Wanting to express his disgust, while at the same time hitting the powers that be where it hurts, Andre Stander starts robbing banks.
FYI:  Based on a true story.
More info: Internet Movie Database

ASYLUM (2004)
Producers: David E. Allen, Laurie Borg, Mace Neufiled
Directed by
David Mackenzie
Novel by Patrick McGrath
Written by
Patrick Marber
Executive Producers: Michael Barlow, John Buchanan, Chris Curling, Baron Davis, Harmon Kaslow, Steve Markoff, Bruce McNall, Robert Rehme, Natasha Richardson
Cast: Natasha Richardson, Sir Ian McKellan, Marton Csokas, Sean Harris, Joss Ackland, Hugh Bonneville
Synopsis:  According to David E. Allen, one of the producers, Asylum is a "very dark romance." It is about a woman named Stella (Richardson) who moves with her husband to an asylum where he will work. There she meets a very strange inmate. Overtime, she falls in love with that inmate and, eventually helps him escape.
FYI: Stephen King wrote a screenplay draft of Patrick McGrath’s novel.
More info: Internet Movie Database


NEO NED (2008)
Produced by: David E. Allen, Mark Borman, Valerie McCaffrey
Directed by
Van Fischer
Written by Tim Boughn
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Gabrielle Union, Sally Kirkland, Cary Elwes, Steve Railsback, Ethan Suplee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
Like most kids, Ned idolized his father and dreamed of following in his footsteps. Unfortunately, his father was a two-bit crook who spent most of his life in jail. Without a family of his own, Ned falls in with the Aryan Brotherhood. Soon after, Ned is placed in a mental hospital where he is mesmerized by a young black girl who believes Adolf Hitler was reincarnated in her. What follows is a gritty character study and poignant love story of two people brought together by a seemingly impossible connection. As a result of that connection, they both find that there is more to a person than what is on the surface.
More info: Internet Movie Database

Death Valley (2008)
Producers: David E. Allen, Mark Borman
Directed by
Rudi Liden & David Kebo
Written by David Kebo, Rudi Liden
Executive Producer: Harmon Kaslow
Associate Producer: Sam Childs
Cast: Eric Christian Olsen, Rider Strong, Vince Vieluf, Dash Mihok, Brendan Fletcher, Wayne Young, Genevieve Cortese, Bumper Robinson
Synopsis: Four friends head to the desert to attend a winter rave. The road trip turns into a trip into hell as they run up against a group of sadistic desert rats, lead by the charismatic Dom. Death Valley is a contemporary thriller that aspires to introduce the terror of “Deliverance” to a new generation.
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Producer: David E. Allen
Written/Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante
Brian Patrick O'Toole, Sheri Bryant
Cast: M. Steven Felty, Trish Coren, Rachel Melvin, Nicole Rayburn, Josh Holt, Happy Mahaney, Jilon Ghai, Michael Samluk, Dig Wayne, Dee Wallace Stone
Synopsis: In this atmospheric ghost story, a handful of college students become trapped in an abandoned hospital on Halloween and find themselves in the middle of a battle between two ghost - a nurse and her psychotic patient.
More Info:
  Internet Movie Database

Produced by: David E. Allen
Directed by
Roy Knyrim
Written by Brian Patrick O'Toole
Co-Producer: Paul Salamoff
Cast: Reggie Bannister, Peter Stickles, Nicole DuPort, Amie Wolf, Ky Evans, Kristin Novak, Chris Finch, John Thomas, Damien Arthur Lea, Karol Garrison, Bill Lloyd, Stephen Van Dorn, G. Scott McDonald, Richard Elfman
Synopsis: Two eco-activists “liberate” a ravenous mutated lab animal into a woodland cemetery where a group of college students are filming a movie project.  Cemetery Gates is a homage to the killer animal films of the ‘70s with a modern sensibility.
More Info:  Internet Movie Database